August 25, 2007

i thought it would be appropritate to start with a post about food…


right now there’s a food festival (or “madfestival” in danish) going on in copenhagen – lots of great events all around the city, dedicated to nordic cooking traditions! today was my first venture into the madfestival events…danish open-faced sandwiches, or smorrebrod. these sandwiches are especially great because they can be made from almost anything, and because the bread-to-filling ratio is particularly low, much more so than the usual sandwich at home (note how you can’t really even see the bread in the photo). the ingredients are always artfully arranged…each a tiny, edible design project! they’re easy to make, and there are many restaurants around copenhagen that specialize in smorrebrod (ida davidsen serves 250 different varieties!). these two (roast beef with toasted onion, tomato with guacamole), my lunch for today, were prepared by the students at copenhagen hospitality college, the proceeds from which benefit youth cancer patients. the sandwiches were delicious, and i’m looking forward to more delicious festival events…


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