ahh, stockholm!

September 25, 2007

so, last but definitely not least on the fantastic scandi-russia tour was stockholm. three days there and plenty of walking around was enough to convince me that this is one of my favorite cities ever. it’s kind of funny, because i can’t think of any particular thing that made me decide this…it was just seeing so many different parts of the city and liking them all for different reasons. the streets are lively and have character, most areas are mixed-use, there’s lots of green and water mixed into urban areas, the transit systems are impressive, there’s amazing public infrastructure (stairs connecting various levels of the hilly city, bike paths, parks and benches everywhere)…everything just fits together really, really well. okay, and there’s this fantastic muffin bakery…and ice cream that was so good i ate it even though i was freezing…but those are only supporting factors. : ) ooh, i should back up and say that we took a viking cruise ship to stockholm from helsinki. it was an overnight cruise, one that is known for its wild, party atmosphere. apparently monday nights aren’t so hot…our boat wasn’t really hopping, although there were plenty of gambling and shopping areas, bars, and singers covering classic american ballads. but it was still a fun ride and definitely recommended. in the morning, we got to watch from the deck as the boat entered the harbor at stockholm…really beautiful! i can’t imagine living near the harbor and watching those enormous cruise ships (there’s a photo of our boat in my helsinki slide show) go by every day. anyway. back to stockholm. it was fantastic. we stayed in the old city, which is an island sandwiched between the northern and southern parts of stockholm (norrmalm and södermalm). there’s not really much going on in the old city besides it being the home of the castle and lots of tourist activity, but it sure is photogenic:

the old city from across the harbor

brända tomten, a famous and photogenic square (well, triangle) near our hostel

a narrow lane/the narrowest lane (35 inches wide)

some kind of royal marching band playing outside the castle

social commentary?

stortorget, another famous medieval square/cross-harbor view

old city streets and buildings


so although the old city was beautiful, it wasn’t my favorite part of stockholm. what i really liked the most were the diverse neighborhoods and everyday urban areas, which i can try to convey here:


so, if you get a chance, go to stockholm (and bring me with you)! : )


One Response to “ahh, stockholm!”

  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed your stay here!

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