October 3, 2007


after a string of gray and drizzly days, today was finally clear enough for a long bike ride! it was beautiful. i rode south to dragør, a fishing village on the tip of amager. it was pretty cute; lots of little yellow houses, a marina, and people brunching outdoors on the main drag. that reminds me…definitely look for an upcoming post about brunch! ; ) i read somewhere that this area has been gentrifying (wealthy copenhagners buying homes here and commuting to the city for work), but the little town itself didn’t show any obvious signs of being rebuilt. although…up the shore, there were some pretty nice (though very modestly-sized!) seafront homes. i’m thinking this would be a great place to go in the summer…get some ice cream, sit on the dock, put my feet in the water…i’ll be back!


views of the marina (you can tell by the skies in some of the photos that i’m near the airport)


looking back toward the marina from the north


the “main drag” – there are the brunchers!


a typical dragør lane: yellow houses, red tile roofs, stone paving


yellow house details!


black cat in narrow lane/thatched roof! (there were quite a few)


rose garden


heading north out of dragør; seafront homes to the left