a beach in the city!

October 7, 2007

one of my favorite surprises about my location in copenhagen is the fact that i have a beach just a mile away from my apartment! amager strandpark (amager beach park) is a new park – finished in 2005 – on amager’s øresund coast. this is where i go on especially sunny and beautiful days, and there are trails for jogging and biking. what better place to run than one with views like this?? the designers of the park were careful to create a beach that was both “urban” and “natural” at the same time (as far as i can tell, the “urban” parts have manicured green lawns – and a “buddha beach bar,” while the “natural” parts are populated with beach grasses and dunes). in any case, i love it and am so glad it’s nearby. before the park was built, this was just coastline – the strandpark design added a new artificial island in the sound that created a series of protected pools between it and the shore (see map). people can swim/windsurf/kayak on either side of the island, and there are plenty of open spaces and paths for biking, jogging, or skateboarding. it’s been really popular with native copenhageners…how great to be able to live in the capital and still be able to bike to the beach in less than ten minutes!


this girl was knitting at the beach…doesn’t get much more relaxing than that…i guess she could be getting a massage, too (which i’ve heard are available somewhere in the park)


an overview of the “natural” beach (which was, of course, entirely manmade). it’s actually really nice, and there are paths that wind through the dunes…this is where i go jogging sometimes.


a series of concrete bunkers dot the strandpark…inside are restroom facilities, changing rooms, and concession stands. apparently bunker #3 is particularly good for climbing on.


here’s the “urban beach” area…marina in the background, lawn to the right


a very cool beach structure – it provides a protected area for swimmers as well as a platform for jumping into the water


i think that kids flying kites is a great photography subject…maybe that will be the theme of my first photography book someday (hehee). : ) anyway, here you can see in the background international shipping traffic and the also-new øresund bridge, which connects copenhagen with malmö, in sweden. when i first moved here, i was hoping that i could bike across it, but since learning that part of the bridge is a tunnel, i’m thinking it’s not possible. plus, the toll is probably expensive.  i’ll take the train. : )

img_8172.jpg img_8175.jpg img_8169.jpg

img_8197.jpg img_8236.jpg

so that’s my beach! here are some more photos…the second and third photos actually show my very favorite part of the beach, the middelgrunden wind farm. it’s the world’s largest offshore wind farm! the twenty turbines stand in an area that used to be a dumping ground, and they provide 3% of copenhagen’s electricity consumption. i like them as a backdrop to the beach…they’re kind of eerie and mechanical, but also silent, simple, and very elegant.