October 14, 2007


on friday night, rhi and i went to kulturnatten, a once-a-year ‘night of culture’ in which copenhagen businesses, churches, art institutions, you name it…stay open at night and offer fun (and/or informational) activities to kulturnatten participants. there’s everything from gregorian chant performances to learning how to make your own smoked herring to lectures on climate change to footbaths to…an open house with the municipal parking authority. truly something for everyone. : ) rhi and i chose what i feel was a fairly representative/eclectic selection of activities: golfing, touring castle ruins under the parliament building, seeing a light show/installation at thorvaldsen’s museum, and designing our own stamps at the post + tele museum. : ) it was really fun! and for the whole night, anyone who buys a pass (which is a cute little button with the mascot – see above photo – on it) gets free public transportation within the copenhagen metro area – buses, metro, harbor taxi, everything. very cool. here’s our night of culture in photos:


rhi golfing at the royal golf center (wow, what an impressive facility!)…notice the form, the precision, the ball flying through the air…


…and here’s my attempt…notice the form, the swing, the…ball remaining on the tee afterward. hehehee. i tried…


rhi reads about the ruins of two earlier castles, absalon’s castle and the copenhagen castle, under present-day christianborg palace (which houses the danish parliament). they truly created a ‘dark, medeival atmosphere’ for the tour.


a night tour of thorvaldsen’s museum – this is the not-to-miss museum in copenhagen – bertel thorvaldsen is the city’s most renowned sculptor, and the collection here is really incredible. very fun in the dark.


more of thorvaldsen’s works…and other kulturnatten-goers…


design time! we made our own stamps at the post + tele museum…they’re supposed to print us a sheet of (non-functional) stamps from our designs and send them to us in the mail. we may have been the oldest participants at this event, but it was fun!!


me coloring my stamp design…see my cute button?


i was really surprised/impressed at how many people participated. there were packed streets on kulturnatten…here’s the midnight crowd downtown. fun! : )


2 Responses to “kulturnatten”

  1. liz Says:

    that’s a cute button! it looks cold there where you are, already hat AND scarf weather…

  2. Michelle Says:

    Hi guys! Rhi, don’t forget to bring me lots of european chocolate.

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