frederiksborg slot

October 18, 2007

rhi and i took the s-tog (commuter train) north to frederiksborg slot in hillerød. it’s an early 17th-century dutch renaissance red-brick castle, with copper spires…and it’s built on three islands in the middle of “castle lake” (slotsø). in the back are gorgeous (really amazing!) english baroque gardens, and there’s a public pathway that goes all the way around the lake…we were there on a perfect afternoon and really enjoyed the walk!


the entrance bridge to the castle on the left


some castle details…entrance, and reflection


me at the castle! (photo courtesy rhi) : )


sculptural details of the castle wall


the castle gardens…this was really unbelievable! i can’t imagine how much maintenance these gardens must require…lots of hedge-clipping!


here’s a (very sunny) context shot: castle + gardens


one quadrant of the gardens – i think it looks like an embroidery pattern…


two views of the castle from across the lake

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