October 19, 2007


it’s time for halloween at tivoli! rhi and i went last weekend…and although the gardens were decorated with all kinds of creepy monsters and spooks…by FAR the scariest thing that we encountered was the ride pictured here:


okay, it was really awesome, and there was an amazing view of the city from way, way, way up high…but we felt that while the ride was called the “star flyer,” it might be more appropriately named “scary swing ride of death.” we also later found out that this is the world’s tallest carousel at 80m high…and look at all of the things you can’t do/bring/be on the ride:


that’s a heck of a lot of warning signage! but we went on it anyway, and it was really fun. and really scary. afterwards, we felt that we deserved a snack and so treated ourselves to some candy apples. we then continued on to enjoy some of the tamer aspects of tivoli…


shops and shoppers…


a somewhat less scary carousel…


pagoda with lights…


the hay maze (this was not quite challenging enough for us…)/lighted pavilion


halloween lights and jack o’lanterns/leaving tivoli at the end of the night