mmm…more smørrebrød!

October 21, 2007

i figured that one thing rhi and i couldn’t miss during her stay with me was a trip to open-face sandwich valhalla – so we had smørrebrød lunch at ida davidsen, which is the best-known smørrebrød restaurant in the city. the restaurant is in its fifth generation of family ownership and has been operating in copenhagen since 1888! ida is only open for lunch (as smørrebrød is a lunchtime food), and reservations are strongly suggested. we were not disappointed. besides offering a huge array of sandwiches and making it very difficult to choose only two for lunch (it’s suggested that women order two pieces for lunch, whereas men should order three…), everything we tried was fantastic. the staff was very helpful, explained all of our choices, and translated even the most obscure of ingredients from danish to english for us. all future guests of mine in copenhagen will definitely be brought to ida…! yum!


a detail of the restaurant entrance with a poster displaying different kinds of smørrebrød


here’s what we finally decided on (my lunch was the top two sandwiches; rhi’s was the bottom two), from the upper left and moving clockwise:

smørrebrød #1: the “h.c. andersen” – bacon, tomato, liver paté, consommé aspic, and horseradish

smørrebrød #2: danish salami, smoked cheese, chives, marmalade, “special” mayonnaise, and radishes

smørrebrød #3: roast beef, tomato, and cucumber salad

smørrebrød #4: smoked potatoes, bacon, chicken salad, and fried carrot

i think we were supposed to start with a sandwich featuring fish and then move on to the meatier entrées, but we americans went sans seafood…next time i’ll be more danish.  ; )


here’s the sandwich display…so many delicious choices! and yes, there is bread underneath all of those fixings!


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