fall in frederiksberg have

November 3, 2007

as i was biking to valby, one of my study neighborhoods, the other day, i passed by frederiksberg have (frederiksberg gardens) and was really amazed by the fall colors…so i returned yesterday, determined to try my hand at some landscape photography and to see if i could convey some of the great colors on the blog. frederiksberg have is a quite large park that was originally laid out in the french style (in the 18th century) before being given a more picturesque english update later on (at the turn of the 19th century). there’s lots of variety within the park: lakes, winding paths, tree-lined canals, some actual topography (rare in copenhagen!) and the more formally landscaped area around frederiksberg slot (frederiksberg palace). this was a great walk…a good way to enjoy fall in copenhagen. : )




frederiksberg slot (palace), once a royal summer residence – now home to the danish military academy/garden lawns and paths




lovely colors/a heron that allowed me to get quite close!


a mallard afloat…reminds me of minnesota


the trees surrounding frederiksberg slot – these trees are the same as those planted on frederiksberg allé (sometimes referred to as copenhagen’s champs-elysées), the main axial street that leads up to the park and the palace from the city center



and here are some of my leafier compositions, just for fun:

img_9546.jpg img_9553.jpg img_9713.jpg

img_9561.jpg img_9712.jpg img_9556.jpg


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