prags boulevard

November 6, 2007

known as copenhagen’s “narrowest park,” this is one of my favorite new urban design projects in the city. prags boulevard is located, like me, on amager, and it runs east from amagerbrogade, the main commercial strip, toward the øresund. the project was finished in 2005 as part of a general neighborhood revitalization project surrounding holmbladsgade (a nearby main street). in order to make better use of the then-existing rather ordinary boulevard, the design firm of kristine jensens tegnestue created a really great 3/4-mile-long park/bicycle path/pedestrian walkway. it serves a circulation function, and also contains spaces for playing soccer, gardening, skateboarding, picnicking and play-acting. it’s not as used in november as i’m sure it would be during the summer months (i was there on a fairly chilly and drab day), but i think you can still tell from the photos that it’s a fun public space!  also, you’ve gotta love the polka-dotted pathway…


in the background: the start of prags boulevard where it meets amagerbrogade/a biker on prags boulevard


in addition to the park redesign, a few standard elements were also created to give the park some pedestrian amenities as well as a stronger sense of place. on the left is one of the lime green lamps that line the entire boulevard (here serving more of a poetic than a lighting function); on the right is the ‘prager’ chair…700 of these chairs were created for the project and were distributed to nearby businesses, cafés, and organizations so that patrons and park-goers could easily transport them and make more personal use of the park.


prager chairs in action! (maybe it’s more like disarray…)


a “stage” area that was created as part of the park design


small gardens along the boulevard


more activity areas: a small cottage-restaurant/a mini-soccer court


prags boulevard also connects to two of my favorite architectural projects in copenhagen (designed by the firm dorte mandrup arkitekter). on the left is the holmbladsgade sports and culture center, and on the right is the jemtelandsgade neighborhood center (i’ve posted more photos and written about these more extensively on my valle blog if anyone is interested).


the boulevard ends to the east with a small skatepark. i’ll definitely stop back in the spring to try to get some photographs of the park elements in use…i also want to visit at night to see what those lime-green lamps look like all lit up…stay posted for future photos! : )


2 Responses to “prags boulevard”

  1. Tats Says:

    Wonderful work!:. I’m doing some research on this piece and yours was the only blog I found with something actually interesting.. if you have more info please let me know, ’cause the architect’s website is in danish.. and I dont understand zìp!:. thank a mil

  2. […] picture says more than thousand words… Have a look at blogger Katie’s post from 2007 about Prags Boulevard for photos from all areas of the […]

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