norway in a nutshell, part two

November 29, 2007

okay, back to the norwegian adventure…at the suggestion of friends, kari and i decided to squeeze a fjord tour into our itinerary. this was probably the best thing we did the whole trip, and i would highly recommend it for anyone who finds themselves in the great scandinavian north. it involved a breathtakingly scenic train route from bergen to myrdal, the most beautiful i’ve experienced in europe (and i’ve been through switzerland).  the water in the fjords was so still and clear, there were moments that i actually got vertigo from looking down into the reflections of perfectly crisp and upside-down mountain ranges. it was amazing. we then hopped on a boat for a tour of the aurlandsfjord. because we did crazily decide to do this trip in november, there were a few issues with fog and ice (our boat had to perform some ice-breaking functions that i’m pretty sure it was not intended to do, and the mountains hid behind the fog for the beginning of the tour). however, once the fog cleared, the views were fantastic. i was actually glad that we got to see the fjords in the winter – the lack of color in the landscape plus the fog that was hiding the meeting point between mountains and water made the whole experience kind of otherworldly and surreal. my usual approach to travel in new countries is to spend time in the cities…and although oslo and bergen were great, i can’t help but feeling that norway is really more about the landscape than the urban areas. now for fjord photos!


reflection in aurlandsfjord


the fjord looked more like this at the beginning of the tour- foggy!


…and icy!


the fog begins to clear…


foggy, foggy/and finally some clear sky! yay!




me and kari on the aurlandsfjord!


after our fjord tour, we returned to bergen, which was very fun. kari was able to look up her norwegian ancestors at the stadsarkivet, and we got to see the handwritten records of her great-grandfather’s departure for america. bergen is a very picturesque town – lots of houses built on the steep mountainside, and a great harbour. here are some of my favorite bergen photos:

One Response to “norway in a nutshell, part two”

  1. shazia Says:

    Amazing pictures there! I am norwegian but haven’t been to places you have overe here. That is maybe how it gets, one doesn’t appreciate the wonders outside ones own doorstep!

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