cph brunch culture

December 5, 2007


one of my favorite food discoveries here in copenhagen (other than the many, many bakeries and their warm pastries and the grainy, dark, danish sandwich bread, and ok…i could go on for a while here) is the city’s brunch culture. every other restaurant has a brunch menu, and most of them serve it seven days a week! also, copey-style brunch completely solves my recurring problem of having to decide whether to order a sweet or savory breakfast item. when you order brunch in copenhagen, you get not only fruit, yogurt, pancakes, oj, and bread with marmalade, but also cheese, eggs, sausage, proscuitto, veggies…you name it! it’s like a breakfast-y tasting menu – small portions of lots of different stuff. and needless to say, it’s all delicious. i’ve been waiting on this post for a while so that i could save up a collection of yummy brunches to share, so some of the photos are from the fall (notice the lovely outdoor weather and leaves on the trees). the photo above is from what was probably my favorite brunch (lakeside!), which rhiannon and i enjoyed in october on what was definitely the last day of sitting-outside-and-eating weather. hmm, all this brunch talk is making me hungry…

here’s a brief recap of the copey brunch (with friends!) experience so far:


september brunch with emma in christianshavn: yogurt with fruit and syrup, pancakes, orange juice, bread and butter, more fruit, cheese, veggies, eggs, bacon, sausage…


october brunch with rhi on the lakes: orange juice, bread and butter, fruit, salami, eggs, fried potato cakes, cheese, bacon, eggs, veggies…


november brunch with kari in nørrebro: café klimt’s ‘superbrunch’ of orange juice, fruit, bread and butter, proscuitto, cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, chili-sesame-coconut chicken skewer, and chorizo…we were full for the day after this one…

so far, so good…though i feel that there might be many brunches still to be eaten!


3 Responses to “cph brunch culture”

  1. emma nowinski Says:

    hooray for the brunch of the month club!!! 😀

  2. kidzi Says:

    yeah…best club ever!! : )

  3. kidzi Says:

    news flash update…i happened to read a great article on the nytimes site yesterday that described trends in dining that lean toward the many-snacklike-portion (tapas) meals instead of the traditional single course – much like my beloved copey brunch! here’s the link:

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