new years (eve + day) in copenhagen

January 1, 2008


i made it back to cph just in time to catch the new year’s eve celebration with my friends libby and todd. it seems that in copenhagen, festivities take the form of fireworks – and not a singular, citywide show. everyone has them and was setting them off – i started noticing it while i was on the metro on the way home from the airport – i would have loved to have been able to see it from above, as it seemed that every other building had someone out in the yard or the street lighting firecrackers. it was like one giant, citywide party. : ) we enjoyed it by taking the whippets for a walk on the beach (fireworks are kind of scary for doggies, but they were very brave), from which we could also see the celebratory fireworks across the øresund in malmø. the festivities lasted for quite a while (actually, they are still going on now, twenty-four hours later, as i write this…). here are some of my favorite-fireworks-photos:img_1231.jpg

fireworks above libby + todd’s apartment complex…


…and between the buildings!


some fireworks faves…





one of the local acknowledgments of new year’s day in copenhagen is a special changing of the guard at amalienborg palace. the royal band plays some special tunes, and people crowd around to watch the police-escorted royal guard change over at noon. this was really fun to see. it’s nice to see celebrations like this in public spaces. : )


an over-the-crowds shot of the band and the guard


guard on the march/view into amalienborg courtyard from outside


guard with politi escort


guard change in process


the royal band plays a few songs


the band plays, the crowd looks on/the danish flag on (what i believe is) the queen’s residence


and…one final shot of marching : )


other than that, i’m back to it…school starts for me in one month (yes, time to finish that other thesis), so i’m going to try to pack in some fun and photos before things get too busy. hope all are well, and godt nytår (happy new year) from copey!!


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