new year, new apt.

January 8, 2008


i started the new year off at a new place – and i love it! to be honest, it was a little hard to come back to copenhagen after such a great christmas visit, but once i moved in, i was excited to be here. i had forgotten what a cool apartment this was, and the neighborhood (islands brygge) is really fun…also much closer to the city center than my previous location (see map: apartment_map.jpg).


here’s my room – it’s one of five bedrooms in the apartment. i really like how spacious it is…plus, it’s furnished entirely in ikea. : )


here’s the desk at which i plan to spend most of my time…i’ve finally started working on the thesis again, and hope to integrate it into my upcoming semester at the royal danish academy of fine arts. the view out my window is really fun – i can see into all the apartments across the street (which also look like they were decorated straight out of the ikea catalogue). also, if i look north (photo on the right), i can sort of see the waterfront. the building that looks like it’s way at the end of the street in the photo is actually on the other side of the inner harbour (it’s kind of a gray blob from this far away).


here’s the main hallway of the apartment…all of the bedrooms and the kitchen (right) open off of this space. judging by the number of ‘ghost’ doors visible in the walls, it’s my guess that this used to be two apartments that were joined together at some point. there are only two of us living here right now, so it’s nice and quiet.


so whereas my bedroom window looks out onto the street, the kitchen window gives a view of the building courtyard. i’ve been told that this is the second-largest residential courtyard in copenhagen (no idea where the largest is). the building actually surrounds the entire block, so that each of the four segments has a different street address. i live on halfdansgade, which is named after either the old (half-danish, as the name ‘halfdan’ suggests) norse king who fathered two characters in beowolf, or the danish poet, children’s author, and resistance fighter halfdan rasmussen.


but i digress. here’s the courtyard at night…isn’t it pretty? i like that someone decorated the little trees with christmas lights. there’s lots of good people watching to be had from this window.


here’s the courtyard space from on the ground. it serves lots of functions: park space, bike storage, playground, clothes-drying area, you name it…


here’s our mini-christmas tree, all lit up (you can see the snowman from my previous post in the background), and some fun-looking playground equipment


detail of the building…i love the pattern of windows and the contrasting colors of brick


here’s the one and only entrance to the courtyard from the street…and an inner-corner detail


the ‘entry portal’ from the street side of the building


exterior detail, and my entrance, #32! my room is up there…it’s the middle of the five windows you can see on the left-hand side of the photo to the right.


one of the happiest surprises about the new building is that it houses a bakery on the corner! i’m sure i’ll be making many, many visits here…

since i got kind of carried away taking photos of my building, i’ll save the neighborhood for next time. stay tuned for a jump up in scale…! ; )

One Response to “new year, new apt.”

  1. emma nowinski Says:

    hooray for the new place! it looks awesome, and that location can’t be beat. the brick around the windows is really neat. you should send out your new address so you can receive mail 🙂

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