ice skating at kongens nytorv

January 13, 2008


every winter, the city of copenhagen floods several ice rinks for skating…here’s the one at kongens nytorv. as you can see, it’s in the shape of a circle…i think this makes for extra-good people watching, as you can just sit and watch as everyone passes by…again…and again… : ) the rink was first flooded back in december, and i thought that i might have missed out on it entirely because the weather’s been so warm lately (well, not really warm, but not cold enough for ice)…but not so! apparently the skating will be around until february…maybe i’ll get a chance to go myself sometime. ; )


looks like fun! although the very safety-conscious wear helmets…


and not everyone stays on their feet all the time…those kids on the right seemed to be doing okay…but then….


ow. that can’t feel good. i have to admit (and this is based on more than just watching this one kid do the splits) that the danes didn’t seem to be particularly good skaters…but i feel that perhaps ice skating is more of a novelty here in copenhagen than it was in say, northern minnesota, where i grew up skating every winter. but i digress.


here’s the nifty-but-temporary skate rental building, and the skate queue…


it was really fun to see all kinds of different people out skating


here’s one of the two magical mechanical boxes that keep the rink frozen during not-so-cold weather


one of the “on-ramps” to the rink…you can see how thick the ice is…


…and a few more fun skating photos. i’ve seen this particular square used for a number of other different activities in the past, including flea markets and design exhibits…it’s nice to see that it’s flexible enough to be able to accommodate ice skating, too. : ) nice use of public space, cph!


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