germany in january: berlin

February 1, 2008


the berlin central station (hauptbahnhof)

i decided to go on one more travel before classes start in copenhagen next week…so i took a short trip south to germany, flying into berlin and taking trains (and a train on a ferry!! you’ll have to wait for the post to hear more about that one) back to copenhagen via hamburg and lübeck. it was a really fun trip, and i got to see an amazing amount of stuff (and taking an equally amazing number of photos) in just a few days. so here’s the first installment:


the new berlin hauptbahnhof was definitely the architectural highlight of the city. it opened in may of 2006, so it’s new since the last time i visited berlin…and i even got to use it when i took the train from berlin to hamburg! since it’s such a cool building, it gets extra photos on this post (above is a view from the north)…


the south entrance/interior shot


another interior shot of one of the main facades/facade detail


another view from the south, looking across the spree


walking along unter der linden, berlin’s central boulevard


looking north along the spree to museum island


this scene reminded me a bit of china…


colorful grafitti and street food


this guy was wondering what the heck i was taking a photo of – that’s what i get for being a tectonic tourist. heheh. i just liked the way that the remains of the facade keep the street wall while hiding the surface parking from the street – i see this a lot in europe, and i think it’s a nice way to deal with having a parking lot on the street.


cool outdoor mirror installation at the german architectural center (daz)


the engelbecken, a really beautiful sunken pond and boulevard park that i happened upon – the ruins of michaelkirch are in the background


i didn’t know that berlin and l.a. were sister cities…cool.


a foggy, foggy tv tower at alexanderplatz/a break in the wall


the obligatory shot of the sony center roof/sony center interior at potsdamer platz


checkpoint charlie


old architecture in the mitte/new architecture in the kreuzberg


ferris wheel and some new construction – i really like ferris wheels for some reason..


the holocaust memorial – a very beautiful and powerful space


and two final photos that i just liked: the view between the reichstag and the paul löbehaus/restoration on an unter der linden bridge


2 Responses to “germany in january: berlin”

  1. C.J. Says:

    How fun! It reminds me of our weekend in Berlin a few years ago… I have the picture from that brunch on my desk 🙂

  2. kidzi Says:

    yay! fun times 🙂

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