field trip: typology of dwelling

March 14, 2008

this week i took a seminar at school called “typology of dwelling,” part of which was to take a one-day field trip to different parts of copenhagen, looking at new ideas in housing projects. our professors rented a bus, and we stopped at seven different developments, all either under construction or built within the last few years. the focus of the course was to consider each project at different scales of organization (the urban plan, the single dwelling, the building structure, and the detail) as well as ways in which the different projects might be equipped to handle change over time. it was a really fun trip…here are my photos from the projects that we visited:


#1: Oxford Gardens, Amager (Bplus Arkitekter)


these were rowhouses done on an extremely tight budget. i thought the spaces were really nice, but the detailing, not so much. but i guess that’s what suffers when there’s not a lot of money to be had. a really nice couple let us onto their roof balcony so that we could get an aerial view.



#2: VM Mountain Dwellings, Ørestad (BIG, formerly PLOT)


(libby, these are for you…) the vm mountain is progressing nicely! i didn’t have time on this trip, but i plan to go back to see the model unit that they have on the site. the idea with this building is that each unit gets its own private view and garden…and the parking is contained underneath the units (behind the screen with the mountain graphic on it, lower right photo). i’ve heard that even the parking space is supposed to be pretty impressive (“cathedral-like,” even!). we’ll see…hope it’s finished before i leave.



#3: VM Houses, Ørestad (JDS Architects, formerly PLOT)


one of my favorites, mostly because of the funky balconies. the two apartment buildings look like the letters “v” and “m” in plan, hence the name. these are right next door to the vm mountain and were finished several years ago. i’ve been here before, but this time i got to sneak inside and take photos of the (very yellow) hallways. : )



#4: Tietgen Dormitory, KUA (Lundgaard + Tranberg) tietgen1.jpg

another copenhagen favorite. this is probably the nicest dorm i’ve ever seen. a friend of a friend lives here now, so i’m going to have to try to arrange an interior visit. the manager of the building told us that the architects had no budget for this project – a dream come true! i like the organization of the building – all of the common spaces face the interior of the “donut,” while the individual student rooms are on the outside of the ring to maximize views and privacy.



#5: Fyrtårnet, Amerika Plads (Lundgaard + Tranberg)


although this project is named “the lighthouse” after the tall tower, it is actually a combination of high-rise and townhouse-type apartments. i would definitely move into one of the townhouse units that we visited – an excellent view of the train tracks (above)…with extra sound-proofing.



#6: Sluseholmen, Sydhavnen (various architects, see Sluseholmen site)


the last project we visited is almost an exact copy of a dutch project that i’ve visited, the eastern docklands in amsterdam. they even brought in the same master planner to do the initial design…and proceeded to create eight new islands in the south harbour in order to create that dutch, canal-like atmosphere. i guess i don’t really like that the idea was just transplanted, but the houses seem to be selling out. the photo above is of one of the finished areas (the photo on the lower right shows a new canal yet to be flooded).



2 Responses to “field trip: typology of dwelling”

  1. libby Says:

    yay! i got a shout-out on your blog 🙂 which i’ve been following religiously in cph-withdrawal at 4am when i’m sick of thesis. i am JEALOUS of your tour – how cool! i hope all is well and i can’t wait to see your spring pics (can i put in a request for many tulips?)…

  2. kidzi Says:

    i’m definitely excited for spring…tulips on the way! 😉

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