cph zoo

April 10, 2008

jen and cat and i visited the copenhagen zoo last saturday, which was really fun.  it’s been a long time since i’ve been to the zoo.  i have to come clean – i was secretly hoping to see the new elephant house designed by foster and partners, but unfortunately it won’t be open until june.  we did get to see it under construction, but no (real) elephants were present (see photos).  we did get to see lots of fun animals – i think the butterfly house and the hippos (the latter were too difficult to photograph) were my favorite.  and the ice cream.  anyway…photos:

monkey mountain!

jen feeds the elephants…

red ibises and the penguin pond

jen and i analyze the red ibises, each in our own way…

hungry cats

the butterfly house was amazing!

pink flamingos (i don’t think i’ve ever had to pluralize that before…and i hope i never have to again)

cat with toucan digits/signpost in the petting zoo area

zebras and gazelles graze together

the giraffes were very, very tall – i could have walked right under the taller one in the photo to the left

the airstream-trailer-zoo-sushi-bar

and last but not least: kissing llamas…aww…


4 Responses to “cph zoo”

  1. libby Says:

    um, the giraffe photos are awesome – and i love the rhino shot, very nice! i’m showing todd the picture of the airstream, he’s on the hunt for an old model to revamp…in fact he’s going to visit one in portland this wknd) and of course the superlove bag makes me miss shopping 🙂 it looks like spring is still fun in cph!

  2. kidzi Says:

    thanks! : ) i’m now remembering my dream to become a photojournalist for national geographic…i guess the cph zoo is as good a start as any. ; ) i’d definitely be interested to see what you guys end up doing with the airstream…fun! happy spring in spokane! no tulips yet…but i’m keeping an eye out…

  3. libby Says:

    yes, i will be interested in what we end up doing with the airstream, too…unfortunately/fortunately, todd’s thesis reviewers said “now you just need to go build it!” while i cringed and our arch friends laughed out loud 🙂 never a dull moment! the old ones are actually a lot more affordable than i expected. i think you would make a fantastic urban planning/architecture/nat’l georgraphic photojournalist. it’s supposed to be 72 tomorrow in spokane so i think i am liking it better and better. is liz visiting soon? i think i should probably use e-mail instead of your posts to keep in touch – i’ll work on it 🙂

  4. kidzi Says:

    please tell todd good luck with the post-thesis thesis activity… ; ) liz is coming in may – and heather’s in stockholm now, so i imagine there will be some fun travels with friends in the near future! : )

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