i was lucky enough to have two friends visiting at the same time last week – i’ve traveled in china, japan, and taiwan with both liz and makie, so it was really fun to spend some time with them here in copenhagen. i think it’s been more than two years since we’ve all been in the same place at the same time! since we’re all in design fields, i got to take them on my now-practiced architour of copenhagen… now with plenty of breaks for fika:

me, liz, and makie take a fika break near the central station

me and liz at lagkagehuset in christianshaven (this is my favorite bakery…they make amazing rhubarb muffins!)

but we did more than just eat pastry! me and liz use our map recognition skills in christiania

makie and i taking photos at the royal danish academy for fine arts school of architecture

liz and makie at the christianshavn canal

me and liz at the danish architecture center

makie and her friend clover on playground equipment near the tietgen dormitory

those chairs spin like crazy!

makie, clover, and liz on the see-saw

testing out the main design features of prags boulevard…lampposts and the prags chairs

makie and i are ready to devour a long-anticipated brunch at kvarterhuset in holmbladsgade

clover hard at work promoting the architour

me, makie, and clover at the kastrup public bath/liz and i at the gemini residence

clover gets a swimming lesson at kastrup public bath/makie and clover

a lovely end to a day of archi-touring…

…and a lovely place for a nap!


my good friend liz maly is visiting me in copenhagen, and we decided to take a weekend trip to stockholm (one of my favorite cities!) to visit our friend and uw colleague heather burpee, who is there on a valle scholarship. we had a fantastic time – visited some museums, met up with some friends from copenhagen who were also visiting, and got to see hb’s side of stockholm. i would say that the highlights of the trip were an amazing meal of swedish meatballs at pelikan, seeing the restored ship at the vasamuseet, visiting traditional buildings from all over sweden at skansen (stockholm’s open-air museum) where we learned about the origins of falu red paint (which gives many rural swedish buildings their distinctive color), visiting the dalahäst (traditional carved wooden horse) museum, and being initiated into (and heavily practicing) the swedish tradition of fika, a verb meaning ‘to take a coffee break,’ one that often includes friends and snacks, between larger meals…a tradition that i will be taking back to the states, and anywhere else i go…anyway. although that seems to be a lot of ‘highlights’ for two short days, it’s definitely an indication of what a great time we had in stockholm. here’s the photo-illustrated version:

may day in dk

May 1, 2008

in denmark, may day is more of a political holiday than it is a day for making paper baskets and leaving them on your neighbors’ doorstep filled with flowers (which is what i remember doing on may 1 as a child). here’s the wiki-info i was able to dig up: “Left-wing policial day. Many people try to get a day off this day, and some even have it in their employment contract. A few people attend political meetings, though many – especially young people – meet at the sites of the political meetings to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. Copenhagen’s Fælledparken is well known for its annual May 1st gathering. This is a full holiday for blue collar workers, but not for white collar workers.” we decided to check out the activities at fælledparken (which were crazy – lots of music, political speeches, LOTS of people, tons of beer). we international students celebrated in our own way with a picnic featuring delicious sandwiches engineered by cat and a fantastic ‘apple sand’ cake that laura got from lagkagehuset (my favorite, favorite copenhagen bakery!) in honor of cathrine’s birthday.

sandwich detail – there’s pesto in there!/klaus and cathrine enjoying the picnic goodness

cph brunch culture

December 5, 2007


one of my favorite food discoveries here in copenhagen (other than the many, many bakeries and their warm pastries and the grainy, dark, danish sandwich bread, and ok…i could go on for a while here) is the city’s brunch culture. every other restaurant has a brunch menu, and most of them serve it seven days a week! also, copey-style brunch completely solves my recurring problem of having to decide whether to order a sweet or savory breakfast item. when you order brunch in copenhagen, you get not only fruit, yogurt, pancakes, oj, and bread with marmalade, but also cheese, eggs, sausage, proscuitto, veggies…you name it! it’s like a breakfast-y tasting menu – small portions of lots of different stuff. and needless to say, it’s all delicious. i’ve been waiting on this post for a while so that i could save up a collection of yummy brunches to share, so some of the photos are from the fall (notice the lovely outdoor weather and leaves on the trees). the photo above is from what was probably my favorite brunch (lakeside!), which rhiannon and i enjoyed in october on what was definitely the last day of sitting-outside-and-eating weather. hmm, all this brunch talk is making me hungry…

here’s a brief recap of the copey brunch (with friends!) experience so far:


september brunch with emma in christianshavn: yogurt with fruit and syrup, pancakes, orange juice, bread and butter, more fruit, cheese, veggies, eggs, bacon, sausage…


october brunch with rhi on the lakes: orange juice, bread and butter, fruit, salami, eggs, fried potato cakes, cheese, bacon, eggs, veggies…


november brunch with kari in nørrebro: café klimt’s ‘superbrunch’ of orange juice, fruit, bread and butter, proscuitto, cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, chili-sesame-coconut chicken skewer, and chorizo…we were full for the day after this one…

so far, so good…though i feel that there might be many brunches still to be eaten!


hi everyone, this is a bit belated, but i wanted to share our thanksgiving in copenhagen.  libby and todd, friends from uw and fellow valle scholars, hosted an awesome thanksgiving dinner – turkey and all!  todd’s studio mates and advisor were there, as well as the whippets, and it was an excellent (and delicious) evening.  kari did a much better job of documenting than i did, so for more photos with people in them (gasp!), please see her facebook album at: http://washington.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2211341&l=bf35f&id=10727558

this was my third (!) overseas thanksgiving in a row, and it was wonderful to be able to share such great food and company.  hope everyone back in the homeland had an equally wonderful holiday!

for more on stroopwafels…

October 25, 2007

please see the following blog!


the blog’s owner added a link to my groningen post on his stroopwafel blog…which contains a wealth of stroopwafel knowledge: how to eat them (please note the proper form – let them get melty on top of your tea before you eat or dip them!), recipes, their history…everything you ever wanted to know. enjoy!

rhi and i also took a quick trip to groningen in the netherlands (where i did an urban planning exchange with some friends…two years ago now!) – this first photo is actually from the end of the night, but it has all of us in it, so:


that’s jaapi, ming-yi, rhi, me and ian at tante truus, my old group’s favorite hang-out spot. (ming-yi and ian are two of this year’s uw students in groningen). we liked this place because it was pretty low-key, with regulars like a crazy pilot and a bar cat…and it had board games like carcassonne (the quintessential urban planner’s contest of professional skill) for us to play! it was nice to be back at truus with our heinekens.

jaapi (who was my friend diego’s landlord/roommate in 2005…and our eventual bar buddy) was nice enough to let us stay at his house AND he cooked us a ‘typical dutch’ dinner of stamppot boerenkool (mashed potatoes with kale, gravy, sausage, and bacon on top…it’s a hearty meal for those cold dutch winters…). it was very delicious, and it was fun to hang out at jaapi’s house again.


here’s my plate before i tried to eat it all/partway through my struggle to finish…


jaapi offers marmite to an unconvinced rhiannon – it’s often served as a condiment with stamppot, but…it’s an acquired taste. i’ve got to mix it in until i can’t really taste it anymore… ; )



the next morning in the grotemarkt, we happened upon my very favorite dutch snack – fresh stroopwafels! (stroopwafels are “syrup waffles,” or two thin cookies joined by delicious caramel or sugar syrup). here’s the stand in the market, and here’s rhi enjoying her first stroopwafel : )


see how fresh?? those cookies are still warm, and that big bucket in the back is filled with hot caramel…yum… this is the same stand that i used to come to on market days when i was living in groningen.


and here’s me feeling very happy about my fresh stroopwafel… _______________________________________________________________________

and…a mini-groningen-slide show: