on my way home to the states for christmas with family and friends, i had an extra-long layover in iceland…and got to go to the blue lagoon! if anyone reading this ever has a chance to fly though reykjavik…take the optional layover and do this – it was amazing. the blue lagoon is a volcanic hot spring – geothermal seawater is fed into the lagoon for comfortable year-round outdoor bathing. once again, i ended up in a chilly northern location at the coldest time of the year. however, despite the fact that there was an ongoing heavy rain and wind storm, i was able to be outside in the lagoon and be quite comfortable in the water even with the waves and showers. it made for lousy photo-taking, which was a bummer because the colors were absolutely incredible. i only have a few photos, so i made them extra-big to compensate. ; ) the water in the pool has a unique combination of minerals, silica, and algae that make it a very pale powder blue color, almost white. being in the pool amid the dark, rocky landscape (and in low lighting conditions for most of the day…oh, december) was again surreal, on par with seeing the norwegian fjords in november fog and ice. i read somewhere that the lagoon has only existed since the 70’s, when the nearby geothermal power plant (which you can see in the distance from the pool) tapped the spring. its convenient location only 20 minutes from the reykjavik airport made the visit super easy. definitely the best layover i’ve ever had. ; ) the photos below are from the non-bathing part of the sping, as i didn’t bring my camera in the pool with me…here are some postcards that i picked up so that i could show people what the blue lagoon looks like on a not-stormy day when there are actually people using it: bluelagoon.jpg.