on my last night in copenhagen, i ended up getting a free ticket to the tivoli symphony orchestra concert (courtesy my landlord/roommate, who plays the tuba in aforementioned orchestra…). it was kind of nice to come full circle…i’ve visited tivoli in all of the other seasons, and it was fun to see it packed that night with the beautiful-late-spring-weather- outdoor-enjoyment crowd. : ) i would really love to be able to stay longer in cph…


jul i tivoli!

December 12, 2007


i’m beginning to feel as if i’m marking the seasons with visits to tivoli…! first the summer and the food festival, then halloween, and now, of course…christmas. 🙂  kari, libby, todd and i visited not too long ago during the christmas market, which included festive seasonal lighting (as is tivoli’s specialty) as well as seasonal snacks and handicrafts…and nisser land (a large temporary building dedicated to a children’s train ride through an enormous north pole scene packed with danish elves, or nisser).  you get the idea.  it was lots of fun, and tivoli looked great all dressed up for the holidays:






October 19, 2007


it’s time for halloween at tivoli! rhi and i went last weekend…and although the gardens were decorated with all kinds of creepy monsters and spooks…by FAR the scariest thing that we encountered was the ride pictured here:


okay, it was really awesome, and there was an amazing view of the city from way, way, way up high…but we felt that while the ride was called the “star flyer,” it might be more appropriately named “scary swing ride of death.” we also later found out that this is the world’s tallest carousel at 80m high…and look at all of the things you can’t do/bring/be on the ride:


that’s a heck of a lot of warning signage! but we went on it anyway, and it was really fun. and really scary. afterwards, we felt that we deserved a snack and so treated ourselves to some candy apples. we then continued on to enjoy some of the tamer aspects of tivoli…


shops and shoppers…


a somewhat less scary carousel…


pagoda with lights…


the hay maze (this was not quite challenging enough for us…)/lighted pavilion


halloween lights and jack o’lanterns/leaving tivoli at the end of the night

food=mad! mad=food!

August 30, 2007

well, i had to go to the madfestival…


emma and i went on tuesday, excited by the promise of cheese and beer. this part of the festival is held in tivoli, so you just purchase admission for the gardens and you’re free to roam through all of the food goings-on…like “delitown,” and “madallĂ©en” (food alleys!). it was really fun. several restaurants had booths, and lots of places were giving out samples of delicious and assorted food items like potato chips, tomatoes, spelt crackers with honey, and cabbage. there was a special area for local, organically grown produce. i was too full by the time i got to the potato stand, but there were some potato/apple open-faced sandwiches that looked mighty tasty…!


here’s emma with our beer and cheese and bread! yum! i definitely got my cheese fix for the day (and then some)/there were also some events going on, like this cookoff (hey, what’s that on the big screen? why, it’s…smorrebrod!)


here is the stand that was serving the “beer and cheese menu” – the nice folks at delimo og jacobsen


even the roofs of the stands were decked out in food! this one seems to be a (dare i say it? oh well…) mixed “green-roof” salad! (groan…). the coffee/cupcake stand had strawberries planted on its roof. pretty cool. emma pointed out that tivoli is a garden, after all, so they do go all out to do a good job with the plantings. it definitely added a nice, foody touch.


here’s me at the coffee stand and with dessert #1, a cupcake (which had more frosting than cake). (all photos of me courtesy emma!)


…and dessert #2, a lovely dark chocolate-marshmallow creme-marzipan creation…

i got dessert #3 to go. for tomorrow. (chocolate mousse.)


the entrance from inside the gardens…the nighttime lighting in tivoli is really impressive. i’ve also heard that they put on fireworks shows every saturday night, so i’ll have to check it out sometime. overall, this was a wonderful and gastronomically satisfying experience…the food festival definitely gets a thumbs-up from me! it’s too bad they only do it once a year…